Josh & Emily ~Wedding~ Powell, Wyoming

I am so excited to do a blog post on Josh & Emily! We had a great time shooting their engagement and wedding photos. Both were troopers with the extreme weather. Josh, who is from Southern California, braved a Wyoming winter blizzard for engagement photos, and Emily, who doesn’t care for heat, was a rock star for doing outdoor portraits on their wedding day.

Here is a video of some highlights:


We’ll start off with photos from their snowy engagement shoot followed by the indoor portrait session.


And now the wedding!

2018.06.08_SmithWedding-1-08722018.06.08_SmithWedding-6-09152018.06.08_SmithWedding-17-09612018.06.08_SmithWedding-22-09742018.06.08_SmithWedding-33-10162018.06.08_SmithWedding-41-10482018.06.08_SmithWedding-53-10752018.06.08_SmithWedding-67-11222018.06.08_SmithWedding-75-11472018.06.08_SmithWedding-82-11692018.06.08_SmithWedding-94-12272018.06.08_SmithWedding-110-12662018.06.08_SmithWedding-117-12742018.06.08_SmithWedding-168-1480One of my favorite parts of the wedding is watching the groom’s face as the bride walks in.2018.06.08_SmithWedding-187-15202018.06.08_SmithWedding-194-15432018.06.08_SmithWedding-208-15882018.06.08_SmithWedding-160-14502018.06.08_SmithWedding-221-16262018.06.08_SmithWedding-228-16632018.06.08_SmithWedding-255-17572018.06.08_SmithWedding-262-17942018.06.08_SmithWedding-276-18842018.06.08_SmithWedding-299-1982

And they’re off!


Hope everyone enjoyed the pictures as much as we did.




Ceremony: Trinity Bible Church / Powell, WY /

Hair: Ashley Nicole /

Flowers: McGlathery’s Back Porch Designs / 

Cake: Karista Low /

Dress: David’s Bridal /

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