Connor & Olivia ~Wedding~ Lake Stevens, Washington

What a fantastic year it has been so far, and it’s only April. Last month we went to Washington to photograph a wedding in Lake Stevens. In true Washington fashion, it rained all day. But, we had a great time photographing in the venue that the bride had beautifully decorated in a DIY beach theme.

Here is a video of some highlights:

How cute is she?!? We love capturing when our brides get their hair and makeup done. It’s a nice relaxing time with the bride before everything else gets going.design_132884_spread_01_high

This dress from A Modest Choice in Bellevue is stunning. Olivia wisely decided to wear comfy shoes for the wedding and reception.design_132884_spread_02_high

Connor used family jewels to create Olivia’s unique ring. design_132884_spread_03_high

Watching the bride get into her dress and see herself in the mirror is one of our favorite parts of the day. Reality kicks in, and the day starts quickly moving forward from that point.design_132884_spread_04_high

First look…another favorite moment!design_132884_spread_05_high

Too sweet!design_132884_spread_06_high

What a handsome couple!design_132884_spread_09_high

Shooting inside let us be creative with using space in the church. We were so excited to shoot on these stairs.design_132884_spread_07_highdesign_132884_spread_08_high

Her bouquet was exquisite!design_132884_spread_10_highdesign_132884_spread_10_high2

These groomsmen were great! Having fun and being responsible at the same time…an unusual, but welcomed combo.design_132884_spread_11_highdesign_132884_spread_12_high

The lovely ladiesdesign_132884_spread_13_highdesign_132884_spread_14_high

Their new family!design_132884_spread_15_high

Praying before the ceremonydesign_132884_spread_16_high

design_132884_spread_19_highdesign_132884_spread_20_highdesign_132884_spread_20_high2Mr. & Mrs.design_132884_spread_21_high

When the couple snuck away to sign the marriage certificate, they had a slideshow for the guests to watch.design_132884_spread_22_high

The bride had a lot of DIY decorations in the ceremony and reception. She brought the outdoors–inside.design_132884_spread_17_highdesign_132884_spread_23_high

Connor & Olivia were both nice to each other and didn’t smash cake into the other’s face.design_132884_spread_24_high

Both of the fathers made speeches during the toasts. It was very precious!design_132884_spread_25_highdesign_132884_spread_26_high

And they’re off!design_132884_spread_27_high

Just the beginning…design_132884_spread_28_high

Hope everyone enjoyed the pictures as much as we did.




Ceremony: Lake Stevens, WA

Hair: Emily @ Style Studio (

Makeup: Emily @ Style Studio (

Dress: A Modest Choice (

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